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The efoil in Lavandou

Our new summer activity! efoil arrives in Lavandou! Surf above the water with incredible glide and ease. the perfect activity for slide fans!

summer activity

Fly on the water

A unique sensation not found in any other water sport!

The eFoil is silent and respectful of the marine environment, guaranteeing incredible sensations! Quick to learn, accessible to beginners. We’ll coach you throughout the session to help you make rapid progress.

For those who know how to use the eFoil, we can organize rides on request.

New 2024

le flite scooter

Discover the sensation of gliding above the water with the Flitescooter on Cavalière beach, an unmissable adventure for all those visiting Lavandou.

The Flitescooter, with its cutting-edge eFoil technology , promises not only thrills but also intuitive handling, making this experience accessible and enjoyable for everyone, whatever your level. With friends or family, come and share moments of pure escape, in the breathtaking setting of the Var coast.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to stock up on memorable memories and new sensations in Lavandou!


Our rates

Here are our efoil prices. You can also book this activity directly from our website, on the booking page.

Initiation mandatory for the first session on our base

eFoil/flitescooter initiation 1 hour 1 person 1 board 10 minutes briefing and 50 minutes at sea 130€
eFoil/flitescooter initiation 1 hour 2 people 1 board to share 10 minutes of briefing and 50 minutes at sea 180€
eFoil/flitescooter initiation 1 hour 2 people 2 boards 10 mins briefing and 50 mins at sea 260€

From the second session in our database :

Possibility to rent the eFoil/flitescooter 25 mins supervised, 1 person 1 board 70€